The Promo VR solution is a presentation product with the use of VR technology in the field of technologies and services.

Promo VR offers a detailed view on the prototype with a full interaction and explanation of the processes.

The VR technology for this product offers solutions for prototypes which are difficult to present, are unable to be monitored directly, are hardly explainable through other display and information technologies or which need direct interaction to understand the process.


The environment is prepared according to the client’s requirements, based on the presentation and interaction needs. Like the other VR products, the environment is an important factor for the perception of the simulated scene and in case of a presented service, for the experience from the offered solution.



The Promo VR solution is mainly oriented on the presented product. With the use of the virtual environment it gives the user a possibility to fully test the presented product, try out its functionality, see the effectivity in real time or to perceive its design.
As well as with the other VR products, the full interactivity with the environment is possible. Despite of the perfection of the product representation, Promo VR can maintain the technological know-how of the prototype, if needed.
The contents of the product presentation are custom-made, the solution of the presentation is based on the client’s requirements.


Promo VR offers the CO-OP solution, the multi-user option, which allows multiple users to be present in the same scene at the same time. It allows the users to collectively analyse the presented product or service and to communicate directly in real time.
It is possible to use the CO-OP mode also globally, which allows the users to be logged into one virtual scene at the same time despite a big physical distance.

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