We decided to dedicate some time to writing an inspirational article full of tips on 3D printed Christmas gifts for everyone in the family. However, we were so busy with actual 3D printing, that we are a bit late with the article. Well, better later than never. Enjoy!



How to make your grandma (and at the same time your whole family) happy? Original 3D printed cookie cutters.
We highly recommend it as we tried it ourselves – check our blog Christmas 3D baking.

3d printed xmas gifts 01


Grandpas love going to the nature, working in the garden, playing with the grandchildren, feeding birds… Surely he will be grateful for a 3D printed bird nest.

3d printed xmas gifts 02


Mums and their decorations that make the place our home… Why not to make a beautiful 3D printed vase especially designed just for her favourite flowers?

3d printed xmas gifts 003


“Coffee is a must.” Make sure your dad feels special every time he drinks from his cup. 3D print him one (with love).

3d printed xmas gifts 04


Let your wife know how much you admire her by giving her a statue of herself that will surprise her, for sure. Have her bust 3D printed.



Does your husband love to play parlor games with his friends every now and then? Surprise him with a tailor made 3D printed chess he’ll never forget.

3d printed xmas gifts 05


Does your sister like to take “selfies” wherever she goes? Then the 3D printed “Mini-me” of her is the perfect gift.

3d printed xmas gifts 07


Is there a boy who wouldn’t want to become a superhero for at least a little while? Make it possible for your brother by giving him a 3D printed superhero action figure of himself.

3d printed xmas gifts 08


Is there a more typical christmas thing than christmas decorations? Probably yes, but why not to make customized ones for your lovely aunt?

3d printed xmas gifts 09


Whether businessman or not, an original 3D printed case for his tablet will definitely lead to a big smile on your uncle’s face.

3d printed xmas gifts 10


For a female cousin, let’s go with a 3D printed figurine again. But this time let’s print a miniature (or a bust!) of her idol – favourite musician, actor or a football player – what do you say?

3d printed xmas gifts 11


The previous gift would probably go with a male cousine as well (especially the favourite football player), however we have another idea. What about a practical and minimalist 3D printed bicke rack?

3d printed xmas gifts 12
That’s all for now. Hopefuly you’ll find our list inspiring. We know there are sisters and brothers-in-law, mothers and fathers-in-law, great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers, but let’s save something for next Christmas. :)
If you have questions about anything concerning this article or 3D printing in general, don’t hesitate to ask us. We will gladly clarify.
We wish you a very peaceful Christmas holidays and the happiest New Year 2015!
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