For an effective VR or RT content it is very important to choose the right work pipeline. It includes a creation of the environment, a preparation of the logic for an ergonomic interaction and a smooth communication with the used hardware.

Choosing the right softwares for the perfect symbiosis during the production process is a result of long-term trying and regular testing of the new software solutions, which guarantee the highest compatibility with one another and offer the most intuitive environment.

We follow the verified practices used in the AAA games production in all our production steps – from creating the VR content for digital environment, through the logic design, to the final optimisation for the chosen hardware.



In the case of technical models which have a parametric base in the STEP, IGS format, it is necessary to divide them, categorise them and prepare them as a reference for polygonal modelling, which is necessary for the VR and RT.

Textures and materials are prepared manually in a separate software and if the preparation of the parametric materials is needed, it is necessary to prepare the logic for the required parameters as well.

Such prepared 3D models are optimised in an authoring software and integrated with the base logic for the interactivity.



The logic is created together with the algorithms for virtual environment operation. The logic is necessary for the manual interaction with the environment, as well as for the automated systems in simulated environments.
By default, the logic is created by coding or by visual programming.



The VR and RT environments are very difficult to compute and it is therefore inevitable to prepare them in the most effective way possible. From the modelling, through operating and logic, to the visual, the optimization is very important for the perfect experience and undisturbed impression from the VR or RT solution.