There is perfection outside, everywhere around us. Every piece of anything you take into your hands has the potential to be an exceptionally beautiful piece of shape and material, with its own story to tell. Everything depends on those hands. Whether big, tiny, crooked, young or old, we love to see them build and create, make magic where none of us would expect.

We also have a few pairs and we hope them to be useful for you. Because we all need to see beautiful things.

We have a happy long story behind us, and after all this time we are still enjoying what we do and putting everything into it. After almost 15 active years we improved everything we could to keep our customers satisfied, our fans happy, and our competition following.

There is still much to do, and we are better prepared now than ever to make it all even better.


The SKYFORM team is these creative folks with well-divided abilities to support each another to make your projects perfect.


DAVID GULLA  |  3D Animations  |  Realtime 3D  |  3D printing  |  email  |  LinkedIn

BARBORA ŠABLOVÁ  |  3D Visualisations | Marketing  |  Finance  |  email  |  LinkedIn

EMA STOLIČNÁ  |  3D Modelling  |  email

JANA PAPIERNIKOVÁ  |  Graphic Design  |  email

LUKÁŠ GULLA  |  Technical Support  |  3D printing  |  email

For specific projects, we work with external specialists to get the most professional results.


SKYFORM is a small creative studio ready for anything close to animating, creating interactive applications and 3D printing.

animations icon   ANIMATIONS

We use modern and traditional techniques to animate characters, machines and environments. Our equipment includes Motion Capture systems, Autodesk Software packages and high-end Rendering Software to get the most out of the options and so offer you the best.

interactive graphics icon   INTERACTIVE 3D GRAPHICS

Interactive & real-time 3D graphics are a result of our development and non-compromise approach to certain projects. The viewer is free, interacting with the animation of the static environment, not limited by the animated camera view anymore. We use Unity 3D and Quest 3D to make you scenes interactive in real-time.


Our work has evolved from static CGI to dynamic animations. However, to be able to satisfy long-term clients, we kept that product and hired more external freelancers to maintain top quality.


We chose 3D printing as a supporting technique for our animation work. Our own customers then came with atypical demands, which opened other doors for 3D printing. We print on full-colour Zprinter 650 (3D Systems ProJet 660Pro).


We work with multiple projects in real time, so our project management is almost a key part of our work. It maintains the high quality of our work and ensures deadlines are met.


The best feeling is the satisfaction of people that rely on us, and we are very happy there are more every year. A big thank you!